solahart Suncell Solar Panel

The new high-performance Solahart SunCell panel is not
only great value but is also custom designed and built to
Solahart’s strict specifications.
Solahart SunCell ticks all the boxes on durability and has
passed endurance testing for up to three times more
cycles than the international standard, which makes it an
ideal solution in Australia’s harsh conditions.
Reliable silicone connections also ensure excellent stability
and durability. Other features include genuine Stäubli MC4
EVO2 connectors to secure a reliable connection and a
sealed junction box that offers corrosion protection and
water resistance.
The 12-Year Solahart Product Warranty provides ultimate
confidence and peace of mind.

  • Half-cell technology:
    or excellent performance under real conditions.
  • High efficiency:
    Optimal yields, more power generated per square metre. Low electricity
  • Generation costs:
    High energy produced per panel means you pay less for electricity generated.
  • Efficient,and durable:
    Manufactured to specification and only available through Solahart.